These Are the Best Gifts to Buy For Each Zodiac Sign, According to Pinterest

When a loved one loves fashion, you would think clothes would be an easy holiday gift to check off your list. But unless you know every item and accessory taking stock in their wardrobe, picking something they’ll love and that they don’t already own can feel impossible. It also doesn’t help that there are endless options for literally every category of clothing you can think of.

So, how do you narrow it down? Well, the way we see it, you have two options: ask for their wish list or ask for their astrological sign.

In its latest newsroom post, Pinterest announced its holiday campaign, titled “Gift Like You Get Them.” The campaign suggests pinners can be better gifters this holiday season by utilizing the platform’s most basic features, and by shopping its holiday gift guide based on zodiac signs.

Ahead, we’re breaking down Pinterest’s strategy, noting the search trends of pinners and how they can be used as a shopping tool this holiday season. Have a pen and paper ready; you’re going to want to take notes.


It makes sense that Aries are fire signs because they have a fiery passion to come out on top no matter what they’re up to, be it a work assignment or a workout. According to Pinterest’s data, the sign has been searching key terms like ‘workout corner, ‘ballet flats street style,’ and ‘Nike track pants outfits,’ as of late, so you might want to consider gifting them something like a new workout set, workout equipment, or a pair of pretty, yet supportive flats that they can wear when they’re in work mode.


Although Tauruses appreciate the finer things in life, they prefer striking a balance between luxury and comfort. Per Pinterest’s findings, the terms ‘luxury crockery unit’ searches were 22X greater than last year, while ‘elegant silk dresses’ (16X), ‘Celine shoulder bag’ (4x), and ‘old money men’s style’ (9x) also fit the bill for this sign’s style.


Geminis are all about keeping up with the latest trends, and those who aren’t up to speed on what’s hot and what’s not prefer unconventional statements — one-of-a-kind, original pieces that stand out and serve as conversation starters. Anything maximal will be a clear winner, but if you’re looking for a more specific recommendation, Pinterest stats note ‘parachute pants outfit’ and ‘Bape Shoes’ are popular searches at the moment.


If a loved one on your list is a Cancer, you can’t go wrong with something cozy. Self-care is a top priority website for this water sign, so something like a luxury skincare set or soft, comfortable clothes (think house slippers and a robe they can lounge in) is sure to make their holiday season that much brighter.


Leos love luxury and making a statement through their clothing. If you have it in your budget, opt for something designer or eye-catching, like a Cartier tank watch (a popular search on Pinterest) or a chunky bracelet.


New year, new Virgo. This Earth sign is all about resolutions, bettering oneself, and manifestation their dreams into realities. Sticking to the theme of looking ahead, gift them something that aligns with spring 2023's hottest trends, like a puff shoe or funky patterned denim to pair with the manifestation journal you have picked out, of course.


Libras tend to be artsy, which makes shopping according to their exquisite taste a challenge. According to Pinterest, fashion trends that best speak to a Libra’s interests include ‘Coquette Shoes’ (24X), ‘MiuMiu Ballet Flats’ (11X), here and ‘Pearl hairstyles’ (17X), so we’re thinking anything under the umbrella of balletcore would do.


It’s probably not all that surprising that Scorpios have latched on to the returned witchy, goth, emocore aesthetics. But, cliche or not, knowing you can shop the trend makes picking out a holiday gift for Scorpios that much easier. A few popular Pinterest searches that speak to the trend click here are ‘90s witchy outfits’ and ‘Chakra health,’ so you could go the crystal accessories route, or use outfits worn by the witches of The Craft as inspiration.


A Sagittarius is always plagued with wanderlust. Pinterest’s guide recommends shoppers lean into their Sag’s adventurous side when browsing the stores, as more info accessories like ‘mountain hiking backpack’ and ‘gorpcore for men,’ have been seeing some traction.


When shopping for a Capricorn, keep practicality in mind. While they appreciate fashionable items, they prefer their clothing to ultimately be functional — think pants and dresses with pockets, bags that fit all of their check here necessities, and shoes they can actually walk in. Pinterest’s report notes things like ‘comfy work shoes,’ ‘trendy tote bags,’ and ‘unique jewelry displays’ have been trending, all of which are great options for your favorite Earth sign.


Aquarius are interested in anything high tech and the latest innovations. In terms of fashion, something with a futuristic edge is a safe bet, and according to Pinterest’s findings, this translates to ‘y2k futurism aesthetics’ and ‘dystopian outfits.’ Do with that what you will.


Pisces are arguably the most romantic of all the zodiac signs. They love love and express their passions through creative outlets. When shopping for the water sign, Pinterest recommends leaning into the following trends: ‘romantic goth aesthetic’ and ‘silk pajamas.’

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