4 Unique Types of Wedding Frames that Turn Heads

Every wedding day and couple is unique, so your wedding pictures should be displayed in a way that represents the happy memories and beauty of the day. So whether you just got married or you’re looking for the perfect wedding gift, here are five unique ways to frame wedding pictures and make a beautiful display.

1) Engraved Picture Frames
We’ll start with the most basic first- engraved picture frames. Most people know that engraved gifts make lovely wedding gifts but the problem is that most people select cheap metal frames that turn out looking awful. The three most common types of engraved frames are silver plated frames, solid pewter frames and sterling silver frames.

Engraved wedding frames need to have a smooth flat surface for the engraving and must either be solid precious metal or be thick enough so the engraving doesn’t show with two types of metals. If this two-toned color happens it can’t be fixed and the frame once engraved can’t be returned. Before you engrave, make sure that the frame specifically says it’s an engraved frame so you can avoid any of these problems. (Note: Some manufacturers also refer to engraved frames as engravable picture frames or engraveable frames so just ignore the misspellings).

A good rule of thumb for engraving is that you should only engrave a frame if it’s a high quality frame that will be enjoyed for years to come. If it’s not a frame that is destined to become a family heirloom don’t bother spending the time or money getting it engraved.

2) Wedding Collage Frames
Collage picture frames give you a large variety of creative ways to display a selection of wedding pictures. Collage frames give you an inexpensive way to display a lot of pictures in a small space. Instead of having to pick a few favorite wedding pictures to display in a wedding frame, collage frames let you display as many wedding photos as you want.

If you want to personalize your wedding picture frame, choose a collage frame with a mat and have your wedding guests sign or write a special message. You can also decorate the collage mat with the vows from your wedding day, quotes, verses or poems that represent your day.

You can also choose from a variety of styles, colors, types and sizes so you’ll be sure to find a collage frame that goes beautifully with any wedding picture. If you want to learn more about selecting the right frame for your wedding pictures check out the article Selecting the Perfect Frame.

3) Wedding Scrapbook Frames
Unlike most scrapbook pages that stay hidden in a scrapbook, you can display your scrapbook pages for all to enjoy. Scrapbook frames give you a fantastic way to share the joy of your wedding and remember special mementos from your day.

Scrapbook wedding frames allow you to combine your favorite wedding pictures with a few wedding mementos like your invitation, wedding cake napkins (with your names on them), your wedding vows, special wedding cards, a wedding day agenda or any other special paper-thin items.

There are countless ways to decorate a wedding scrapbook page and dozens of pages you can create for your wedding day. You can create one scrapbook page that represents your entire day or you can create many different pages each representing a different theme of your wedding. This way you can rotate scrapbook pages in your wedding frame. A few examples of wedding themes for your scrapbook pages are the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, getting check here dressed for the wedding, cake eating, the first dance, the toast and many others.

4) Wedding Shadow Box Frames
Wedding shadow box frames are perfect for anyone who wants to frame their favorite wedding pictures and display a few special wedding mementos. Shadow box frames are best for using with items that are thicker than a piece of paper and can generally be less than get more info 2 inches thick (depending upon the frame). Items can be secured in the frame a variety of ways and can be easily removed from the shadowbox frame at anytime.

Common mementos displayed in a wedding shadow box frame are items like wedding favors, dried flowers, the guest book pen, items that were “old” or “blue” as well as thin items like the wedding invitation and wedding vows. There are dozens of items that can be included- the only limitation is your imagination.

Shadow boxes also make wonderful wedding gifts. Shadow boxes are easy to use and are a great economical way to display and protect your here wedding mementos. Often times, wedding items get stored in a box and end up getting damaged by heat or moisture. By using a shadow box frame you can enjoy displaying your mementos and prevent them from getting ruined.

If you want more ideas of how to create a shadow box frame, you can read the article How to Create a Shadow Box Frame Display(link) to get check here more specific steps on how to create a display. And if you want more ideas for shadow boxes (besides using as a wedding frame), you can go to the article Shadow Box Frames(link) to get more ideas.

Hopefully this article has helped open your eyes to all the different types of wedding frames available so next time it will be easy finding the perfect wedding frame as a gift get more info or for your own special wedding pictures.

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